Moose Youth Awareness Program

At our Moose Youth Awareness Congress on Sunday November 18 we had over seventy-five attended the Buena Park Moose Lodge 1945 Congress, including twenty-six High School Students. Our guest speaker, Buena Park Mayor Virginia Vaughn presented the Buena Park Moose Lodge with a certificate of recognition for our Moose Youth Awareness Program. The Buena Park Police talked on internet predators, stranger danger, and bullying. After their talk we gave them three boxes of Tommy Moose. They were then followed by representatives from the Phoenix House. They talked about peer pressure and how that could lead into drug addiction. Our last speaker was a 2nd Grade Teacher Jessica Worcester, she gave the students tips on how to talk to the children.

The next day the police sent me an email which said: Hi Gary! Thank you for including us in this program year-after-year.  We join your efforts because we know programs such as this make a big impact with today’s youth.  This year, we participated under the leadership and direction of Lieutenant Rick Pino.  He provided us with a review of the event and was proud to round up his team and be a part of it. Thank you again, Gary.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for next year’s program.

The Mayor said: Great job you are doing for the students. Virginia Vaughn. Our Buena Park Congress is not only one of the largest, it’s one of the most praise by its community.

            Out of the twenty-six students, ten of them was sponsored by our Lodge, Moose Legion, and the Women of the Moose. All of this could not have happened if it was not for your help supporting all of our Moose Youth Awareness fundraisers.

Thank you,

Gary R Stromme






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  1. Daniel Najera says:

    I had a question about this scholarship. Does this scholarship require an individual to be a US citizen or a legal resident? Or can the candidate just have a Visa?

  2. webmaster says:

    I don’t have the answer for that question. You can call Gary Stromme at 714-345-5656

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