Moosehaven, the “City of Contentment,” 70 beautiful acres on the shore of the broad St. Johns River in Orange Park, FL, 15 miles south of metropolitan Jacksonville.

Founded in 1922 by the Moose fraternal organization, Moosehaven has provided thousands of Moose members and their spouses with a secure, relaxed, and enjoyable retirement experience. Moosehaven residents enjoy their beautiful community without the burdens of home maintenance. Health care is comprehensive, and transportation is readily available — as are plenty of social interaction and activities. In fact, residents often find themselves so involved at Moosehaven, an oft-heard comment is, “We wish we’d moved here sooner!”

Residents enjoy a wide variety of available facilities — including an indoor swimming pool, bowling lanes, exercise equipment and game rooms. They also enjoy arts and crafts, ceramics, sewing, painting and computers. Fishing from the 450-foot concrete pier is an enjoyable pastime — often creating exciting competition! Dances, special dinners, shopping, and sightseeing trips are regularly scheduled events. Each Sunday, both Protestant and Catholic services are held in a beautiful interdenominational chapel.

Cluster homes for residents — individual quarters with common dining areas — have been a popular Moosehaven living arrangement for both singles and couples since the 1960s. Now, plans are underway to build individual duplexes and apartments, offering additional amenities and a new style of Moosehaven living. Construction is planned to begin in 2008.

When health needs change, residents rely on the LifeCare Center, a 130,000-sq.-ft. facility designed to meet all levels of care. Completed in 2002, it incorporates a clinic, therapy department, pharmacy, and x-ray department.

For nearly 90 years, the Moose fraternity and Moosehaven have continued to demonstrate an abiding concern for the well-being of Moose members and their spouses in the twilight of their lives. And, with the addition of new and exciting living options coming soon, Moosehaven again evidences its commitment to provide a quality lifestyle with continued care.

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  1. i think we have a great moose club i’m very fortunate to be a part of this wonderful and unique club thank you and may God bless our Moose Club.??

  2. Joseph P Sapienza says:

    I’m a moose member
    How can I get information to live in the Moose haven??

  3. webmaster says:

    Go to the Moose International site.

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